Charity Work

I have had a long-standing amount of charity work. Since about the age of seven, I’ve been active in volunteering for several organizations. From casually helping neighbors and community members, to adopt-a-highway events.

A few of the organizations I’ve worked alongside

  • Fundraising for Bear Creek Services
  • Volunteering for Adopt-a-highway
  • Family services
  • Donating & organizing donations for the Ronald McDonald House
  • Helping organize donations for food banks
  • Random nursing homes

On top of fundraising and working for other organizations I am currently working on my own non-profit that will help supply students with desktops/computers. While there is exorbitant access to Chromebooks, in the area through the school district, they don’t teach people about technology and the functioning behind them. Along with that, the provided Chromebooks are not powerful enough to do most functions other than opening a couple Chrome tabs.

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Hey, I’m Jeremy, an intermediate software developer with a knack for web designs. I also enjoy marketing, cooking, teaching, and managing projects.

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