DiscordBot-Script – NPM

Since leaving the team DiscordBot-Script has been deprecated.

DiscordBot-Script is a NPM project to help you make a discord bot with no previous knowledge. You can make the bot, and host it on your own servers for free!

I have since left this project, but I’m proud to say I was the owner and part-time developer of the NPM for a long time.

The NPM helped many people who were lacking advanced coding knowledge get their very own discord bot up and running in minutes. People with less advanced coding knowledge could easily code their own simple or advanced bot.


85,000+ NPM installs


Package Link – https://www.npmjs.com/package/discordbot-script
Permanent Invite – https://discord.gg/yRuJS9T Expired
Website – http://db-script.xyz/ Expired

This project is slightly open-source.

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