Discsender. We made webhooks easy.

With useful features including, savable webhooks, and message embeds. Along with a clean UI to help you enjoy your experience with DiscSender.

Whatever message you need to be sent, webhooks are the perfect way to send it! Whether you need to make a message seem more professional, or you want to make it seem like it’s from a bot, webhooks can do it all!

Over the last year or two starting mid-2020 DiscSender has changed so much, from being a simple web app to a native flutter app with more functionality than we could have hoped to achieve before.

Not only is there just an app, but we have a simplified webhook sender also available at https://DiscSender.com/

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Hey, I’m Jeremy, an intermediate software developer with a knack for web designs. I also enjoy marketing, cooking, teaching, and managing projects.

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  1. Lol an android screenshot on a IPhone looking phone.

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